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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 715 – Xie Xingfang’s Recovery sassy second
A few minutes later on, all of the water in the Celestial Pond evaporated from the severe heating coming from the alchemy fire.
“Haaa…” Lord Xie sighed, and that he converted to see the roof.
“What is your opinion?” Xie w.a.n.g shook his brain, and then he continued, “I believe the two of us know the solution to that question.”
“However you also only experienced one youngster! Me!” Lord Xie then mentioned.
“Su Yang should really be managing her right this moment. We could only wait here while they do their point.” Xie w.a.n.g stated.
However, during the Celestial Pond, Su Yang thrown the other poison pill into your water, causing the greyish liquid to be even darker and grimmer.
Experiencing this, Su Yang retrieved a health care herbal from his storage ring and tossed it into the boiling liquid, easily calming it down inside a few seconds.
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Seeing this, Su Yang smiled.
“Whatever…” Lord Xie shook his mind before getting away from your bed.
Su Yang given her a fresh small towel and mentioned, “Don’t put on your apparel yet.”
Su Yang then claimed, “When we finally have exciting on your own, I’ll contact the others.”
Soon after getting into the Celestial Pond, Su Yang inserted his rod into Xie Xingfang’s cave and commenced pounding her within the water, creating influx-like ripples within the Celestial Pond.
A matter of minutes down the road, most of the h2o in the Celestial Pond evaporated from the intense warm from the alchemy fire.
“Xing’er… How is she accomplishing? How about her ailment?” Lord Xie finally spoke following lots of minutes of silently sitting in his mattress which has a dazed term.
After the Celestial Pond was clear yet again, Su Yang retrieved some herbs and thrown them within the Celestial Pond before getting rid of them until dark colored.
“However you also only possessed one little one! Me!” Lord Xie then said.
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Much time down the road, Su Yang poured the very last container of water within the Celestial Pond.
Many hours afterwards, Su Yang put the very last bottle of liquefied into your Celestial Pond.
Su Yang given her a clear towel and said, “Don’t place on your clothing yet still.”
Viewing this, Xie Xingfang easily left the Celestial Pond.
“Whatever…” Lord Xie shook his top of your head before getting out of your bed.
“Appears like I will need to obtain another heir. Nonetheless, to carry out that, I must find another wife…” Lord Xie sighed once more after.
“Okay…?” Xie Xingfang nodded as she dry her physique, thinking what else would have to be performed.
“In case you are emotion a feeling meaning treatments is working. It might damage a tad but you must withstand it,” Su Yang said to her after noticing that she was finding it difficult.
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Observing this, Su Yang retrieved a health-related botanical herb from his storing band and thrown it within the boiling hot normal water, rapidly comforting it down in a matter of moments.
On the other hand, Xie Xingfang could really feel her system warming up increasingly more as time pa.s.sed until she was sensing no different than getting a steaming hot bath tub without worrying about clean water along with the vapor.
Lord Xie switched private again for a couple more a few minutes before he spoke, “Su Yang… Do you think he’ll be here and bring my area in the foreseeable future if I begged him?”
Su Yang then stated, “When we have some exciting by yourself, I’ll call in others.”
“Properly, I didn’t possess a child, nor will be there an individual like Su Yang running around during my era.” Xie w.a.n.g shrugged. He cannot just imagine having to deal with Su Yang when he still sat on the throne.
Dual Cultivation
“Looks like I will need to discover another heir. However, to do that, I will need to find another wife…” Lord Xie sighed once more after.
“Get some fun… during the Celestial Pond?” Xie Xingfang’s eyeballs widened with surprise after hearing his thoughts.
Dual Cultivation
The immediate this liquefied touched the pitch-dark colored water, just like a miracle experienced took place, the dark-colored standard water instantly solved, getting nearly clear.
Observing this, Su Yang retrieved a medical plant from his storage space ring and tossed it in to the boiling drinking water, speedily comforting it down inside a few seconds.

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