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Chapter 1314 – In this life, I only want to meet you again agree vanish
Song Shuhang: “…”
Song Shuhang and Fairy Creation endured confronting one another over the obvious wall surface.
There were nothing else.
Fairy Making then directed in the painting together with the ‘blue-haired woman’ about the gate.
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Delicate Feather persisted, “However, Senior Track is a lot more remarkable since it only had taken him four many weeks to attain the 4th Step World. He was over fifty percent per year more rapidly when compared to the Scholarly Sage.”
Music Shuhang stated, “Perhaps she’s a powerful elderly on the scholarly faction? She seems to be awaiting someone, wis.h.i.+ng to become by their area.”
“No question. Your ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body with the Buddha❯ is special. It has Teacher’s model.” Fairy Making nodded. “This foggy world was triggered due to you. I think that Teacher had resurrected, however it appears to be I noticed completely wrong.”
Song Shuhang mentioned, “That ‘Senior Creation’ you’re possessing in addition has achieved her. Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark, who’s an manager with the Nine Provinces Primary Team, appears to be exactly like the female inside the snapshot.”
Melody Shuhang nodded, and mentioned, “We’ll keep as soon as Sixteen and Delicate Feather turn out.”
Delicate Feather laughed, and stated, “Is this smog? It’s great, so could it be that there’s plenty of golden particles in the fog?”
Immediately after recovering now, her phrase was completely different from before. If she’d been a scholarly beauty just before, now she shown up similar to a distinct sword that was out from its sheath.
It was actually Fairy Design, who possessed faded a little while again. She’d regained her shape.
Anyone got an inclination to rumor.
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Also… it’s entirely possible that this foggy wish is directly related to the ‘Scholarly Sage’.
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Truly, even among mortals, he was by far the most regular ones all.
Delicate Feather reported, “Since this wish is related to the Scholarly Sage, let’s open up the gateways and get into!”
Fairy Creation then aimed on the artwork with the ‘blue-haired woman’ over the gate.
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Within the next moment, her body started to be translucent.
It looked like a very normal bamboo pavilion. It had been somewhat shabby, and the roof from the pavilion became a bit dripping, along with the wonderful liquid lowers plunging unceasingly.
Could the ‘teacher’ that Fairy Creation is referring to function as Scholarly Sage? Can do this signify she’s on the list of Tribulation Transcenders disciples with the Sage?
Tender Feather ongoing, “However, Senior Melody is more awesome simply because it only needed him four months to arrive at the Fourth Step Realm. He was over 50 percent annually more rapidly than the Scholarly Sage.”
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In the following moment, her physique grew to become obvious.
Fairy Creation claimed, “No one understands the ident.i.ty of that particular blue colored-haired women, but she was the individual that brought Mentor around the pathway of farming. Just after Instructor stepped onto his very own scholarly course, he would often mention her. I believe that together with his durability, it shouldn’t have been challenging for him to look for her. However, he seems to have never actively searched for her. Still, he looked toward achieving her again.”
Su Clan’s 16 viewed Fairy Formation. “Senior Fairy Making, will you sing a track to eliminate the fog?”
Delicate Feather and Su Clan’s 16 soon reached the pavilion.
Fairy Production frowned, and fell deeply in thought.
Su Clan’s 16 checked out Fairy Design. “Senior Fairy Production, will you sing a melody to eliminate the fog?”
The glowing mist increased and changed into a great solution. Then, this golden fluid descended as glowing raindrops.
Just right after Music Shuhang’s terms dropped, the small pavilion during the desert suddenly exploded.
Fairy Design then directed at the painting with the ‘blue-haired woman’ about the entrance.
Before too long, she requested, “Where is this Skylark at this time?”
“Huh?” Fairy Creation’s eyeballs widened.
There weren’t any lyrics it was actually a melody created purely of occasional vowels.

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