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Epicfiction Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet – 2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? frightened promise recommendation-p2
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? writing appreciate
“Director Si, shouldn’t you provide me a description for today?” Yi Lingjun’s term was menacing.
Si Yehan and Yi Lingjun have been the only real people in the family area.
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“It’s my negligence.” Si Yehan didn’t attempt to guard himself and accepted his miscalculation instantly.
Yi Lingjun nodded in satisfaction. “Given that you’re attentive. You’re high-quality, but you still have to pay attention to a girl’s reputation…”
Si Yehan’s tone of voice softened instantaneously. “You’re awake.”
Yi Lingjun harrumphed. “You will still recall the affects? Regardless of whether you’re within a associations.h.i.+p with my girl, you still haven’t betrothed still. What good conduct is it to enjoy the night together?”
Yi Lingjun nodded in pleasure. “Providing you’re mindful. You’re great, but you still need to concentrate on a girl’s reputation…”
“Mmm… so noisy…”
Anyway, Si Yehan seriously heard anything Yi Lingjun stated nor justified himself nor solved rear. He even confessed his improper of his volition, and with a few words and phrases, he been able to dissolve over part of Yi Lingjun’s anger.
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Mn…” The mild speech lured Ye Wanwan returning to dreamland.
Finding Ye Wanwan awoken because of the sounds, Si Yehan frowned and comfortingly patted her on the mind. “It’s not a thing, retain slumbering.”
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Wasn’t this Director Si?
Disbelief filled Ye Wanwan’s face instantaneously. “What would you say? Slumber in independent bedrooms? You’ve regarded me for such a long time do you assume I was vegan?”
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Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Director Si, shouldn’t you provide me a description for these days?” Yi Lingjun’s expression was menacing.
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“You’re extremely ideal, Director,” Si Yehan decided.
While Ye Wanwan couldn’t even open her eyeballs, she still accurately sensed Si Yehan’s area and walked toward him.
“I wish to listen to where your fault is situated,” Yi Lingjun sternly demanded, similar to a parent-in-regulations evaluation his boy-in-rules, his position stauncher than Ye Wanwan’s true dad, Nie Huaili.
“Leader, in case you remember to.”
Disbelief loaded Ye Wanwan’s deal with quickly. “What would you say? Sleeping in split suites? You’ve known me for such a long time would you think I was vegan?”
“It’s my fault.” Si Yehan didn’t make an effort to fight for himself and admitted his mistake immediately.
Si Yehan: “…”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Si Yehan replied, “I should’ve regarded the influence on Wanwan.”
“Mn…” The mild sound lured Ye Wanwan back to dreamland.
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Baby…” The view of Ye Wanwan hazily pattering downstairs was found promptly after.
“Leader, for those who make sure you.”
Yi Lingjun was righteously lecturing his child-in-legislation seconds earlier, but his experience made genuine black as he noticed his daughter.
“Chief executive, when you remember to.”
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Yi Lingjun considered Ye Wanwan’s foolhardy practices and angrily glared at her before dismissing the housekeeper and wandering to your living room area with Si Yehan.
Following Ye Wanwan discontinued behind the couch, Si Yehan converted his brain and Ye Wanwan naturally bent down and smacked a kiss on his cheeks before moaning, “You assured you are going to snooze with me. How would you manage off halfway?”
This att.i.tude designed Yi Lingjun struggling to release a good tinge of his wrath.
As Yi Lingjun completed his responsibility for a father and seriously lectured his near future son-in-laws, footsteps were definitely read from upstairs.
This att.i.tude built Yi Lingjun unable to unleash just a tinge of his wrath.
Wasn’t Eldest Pass up too extraordinary? She originally imagined Eldest Skip was merely conveying devotion for Director Si, nevertheless it got only been several days however Eldest Miss got already attracted him to her bed furniture!
“You’re extremely proper, Chief executive,” Si Yehan decided.

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